Registration for the Startup Training Centre in Zabrze has been extended!

Registration for the Startup Training Centre in Zabrze is ongoing. People who have founded or plan to establish their own startup from various industries can apply to participate in the project. According to the organizers it is not limited only to medicine and the digital world. Course participants will gain or systematize their knowledge and skills in the field of a systemic approach to designing new businesses according to the methodology used to plan and develop startups (companies based on their products and services based on technologies).

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People who meet one of the following criteria can take part in the course:

  1. they live in Zabrze
  2. they are registered in Zabrze
  3. they study in Zabrze
  4. they learn in Zabrze
  5. they work (regardless of the type of contract – employment, commission, specific task, B2B, other) in Zabrze
  6. they run a company (according to the registered office, branch, company office/branch address – a company with some form of operational activities in Zabrze, e.g. in the form of an office, sales point, warehouse, production or other categories of operational activities as part of the company’s activities) in Zabrze

 The condition to participate in the project is to be at least 18 years old. Participation is free.


  • you will meet experienced trainers – business practitioners
  • you will solve exercises using business examples
  • you will gain experience in designing your own startup and any business (the entire series during 8 course sessions)
  • you will work with mentors (business practitioners)
  • you will prepare and conduct a presentation in front of real jurors/investors (you will show the startup assumptions developed during the 8 weekend meetings of our course and receive feedback, and if you convince an investor to your idea, you will start the spring by creating a new company)
  • at the end, you will gain a decent amount of knowledge to be able to decide in the future whether you will establish and develop startups, companies, businesses


  • you run a company/startup
  • you are thinking about starting a startup (first, next)
  • you want to develop your business based on technologies
  • you think that developing your own business may be your path to professional development
  • you are an inventor, scientist, student, engineer, entrepreneur, specialist who has ideas for startups (business development)


  • you do not have to have an idea for a real startup to send an application to the project (during the course you can work on your own idea for training purposes)
  • you do not have to set up a startup/company during or after the course
  • students will acquire knowledge and skills in business design based on the methodology used to design the development of technology companies


  • A huge amount of practical knowledge in the field of designing and developing your own business and startups.
  • Building a network of contacts (participants, trainers, mentors, experts, jurors, investors).
  • A chance to start your professional career as an entrepreneur or to introduce changes in your business or launch new business projects based on the methodology presented during the course.

The result of the recruitment procedure will determine whether candidates are qualified to participate in the project. Application forms will be accepted electronically until September 29 at 8.00 a.m. They are available at:

Project entitled „Startup, Digital and Medical Technologies Training Centre” is implemented under the Local Development Program „City as Space for Development” co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

More information at:  The contractor of the Startup Training Centre in Zabrze is the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice in cooperation with partners.