Families competed in the field game „On the trail of Zabrze”

Last Saturday the Family Development Centre invited the residents of our city to participate in the city game „On the trail of Zabrze”, thanks to which they could get to know our little homeland better. At noon the teams set off on a tour along the trail of Zabrze film frames. Participants visited, among others: a historic retaining wall with towers in the complex of buildings of the former „Donnersmarck” steelworks, the Detention Centre, Park 12C, and the former Zabrze Heat and Power Plant.

The finale of the event took place in the building of the former „Energetyk” cinema, where were there were refreshments and a prize draw for participants. It was also possible to play the interactive Kahoot game here, in a relaxed, non-competitive manner, which consolidated the knowledge about Zabrze acquired during the rally. Each child received a gift to commemorate their participation in the game.

The Family Development Centre in Zabrze was supported by Twój Everest Foundation and Mała Armia Grupa Śląsk in organizing the event.

Field game „On the trail of Zabrze”