New possibilities for the inhabitants of Zabrze

Logo – City of Zabrze
Logo – City of Zabrze


The project „The city as a space for development” is funded from the “Local Development” Program co-funded from the grants of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014–2021 and the State Budget.
It is performed in partnership with the Silesian University of Technology and Academy of Silesia with collaboration by the consultants from the Union of Polish Cities.

The project performance term is from the 3rd January, 2022 to the 30th April, 2024.
The maximum qualifiable total costs covered by the project amount to
PLN 16 683 781,37.
Co-funding: EUR 3 669 426,48.

The projects performed

Mapa projektów


The Metallurgical Park and Skatepark

The Metallurgical Park will have a new look. Refreshed, trimmed and enriched with street furniture, a water playground and a skatepark will constitute an excellent family entertainment place.


Training Centre for Start-ups

The development starts with the first step. Zabrze will support the first steps in start-ups along the challenging path of medical innovations.


Construction of brine graduation towers in Kończyce and Maciejów

The brine graduation towers in Zabrze. Two locations, numerous possibilities. Revitalisation of space, ecology, health, design, everyone will discover something for themselves.


The Registry Office – construction and adaptation works

The Registry Office will be adapter to the needs of people with disabilities. Any architectural barriers will be removed.


Active attitude activities – block for children, youth and families

The active attitude activities designed for collaboration with children and youth will become an excellent introduction in the world of social activity and assistance of other people around us.


Local community animation – Vitality Academy” and “Stay with us over the weekend”/ 

A wide scope of all family multi-topic activities introducing vitality and freshness in the concepts of planning both working days and time off.


Ecological education

Generally available educational events will be conducted in the city, such as outdoor activities of ecological events that will contribute to the protection of the environment elements necessary for live, by dissemination of knowledge among the population and promoting good practices.


Like in a University – activities for children and youth

We invite for children and youth activities under the patronage of a university. On the university premises the young inhabitants of the city will explore the secrets of robotics, computer science or biology. All the activities will be conducted by qualified university teachers following specially developed proprietary curricula.


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