Youngsters from Zabrze visited the City Hall

We are implementing many interesting holiday projects in Zabrze. They were born thanks to the good relations developed with our European friends – says Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik, mayor of Zabrze. – I am very happy that as part of one of these initiatives, financed from Norwegian funds, young people from Zabrze visited the Town Hall at Zbigniew Religa Street. During the meeting in the History Room, they asked many questions. They also visited the City Councli Session Room and the Crisis Management Center, thanks to which they personally got acquainted with the work of the City Hall – adds the mayor.

„Holiday educational and professional project for the active” is one of many initiatives dedicated to young residents, implemented in our city during the summer holidays. It’s also worth mentioning about the „Summer in the Theater” summer camps held at the Nowy Theater in Zabrze or the camp attended by the students of the Children’s and Youth Academy organized by the Silesian Academy in cooperation with the city.

Participants of the „Holiday educational and professional project for the active” with a visit to the Historical Room of the Zabrze City Hall

The visit of children and youth to the Town Hall in Zabrze took place as part of the first round of the „Holiday educational and professional project for the active”. Participants of the classes organized by the Family Development Center in Zabrze, for ten days, not only have great fun, but also visit Zabrze and learn about the specifics of various professions. The project is carried out as part of the „City as Development Space” task, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021.

In total, 160 children will take part in two camps. The main meeting place is the Chain Bath of the Queen Louise Adit. The second round will start on July 31.