Summer camps for children in Zabrze, i.e. „Holiday educational and professional project for the active”

On Friday, the first round of the „Holiday educational and professional project for the active” ended. Each of the semi-camp groups prepared a performance for the final, which they presented in front of invited guests and parents. During the first camp, children not only developed their skills through having fun, won coins, which they exchanged for attractive presents, but also visited the most interesting places in our city. The project is carried out as part of the „City as Development Space” task financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021.


However, the organizers are not slowing down. Today, the inauguration of the second round of the project took place in the Chain Bath of the Queen Louise Adit, during which Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik, the mayor of Zabrze, met with the participants of the camp. Children participating in the classes will have fun for ten days, explore Zabrze and learn about the specifics of various professions.

Day camps, which are coordinated by the Family Development Center, are an example that even staying in the city during the holidays we do not have to be bored. Children who take part in them will certainly spend their time in an interesting and active way. The program includes trips to attractive places, getting to know professions in the place where they are actually performed, in conditions similar to their everyday practice, as well as learning entrepreneurship.

During the day camp, the youngest, on the occasion of getting to know the chosen profession, will earn coins. With the „money” earned, they will be able to buy selected goods in the shop. They will also be able to save money and buy some more valuable goods from the shop at the end of the camp. There will also be plenty of sports and movement activities, integration games and activities, as well as walks and outdoor activities.

In total, 160 children will take part in two camps. The main meeting place is the Chain Bath of the Queen Louise Adit.