The Metallurgical Park will be full of life again!

After thorough modernization, financed by Norwegian funds, the Metallurgical Park was made available to residents again. Today, an event was held here to celebrate the completion of works related to the revitalization of this space. The park has a completely new look and lots of attractions for residents of all ages. ‍‍‍This includes: a new playground, water playground, skate park, outdoor gym, dog run and barbecue areas. The „Neptune’s Spring” in the northern part of the park has also been restored.

The Metallurgical Park gained a new face as part of the project „Zabrze – a city as a space for development”. It has been refreshed and enriched with small architecture. In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, the contractor also made plantings and lighting. The alleys were renovated and new ones were created. The „Neptune’s spring” located in the northern part of the park was also taken care of. Restored with attention to detail, it delights with its details and encourages you to stop here for a moment of reflection and rest.

– Today’s event is the culmination of an intensive process of obtaining over PLN 15 million from Norwegian funds. Zabrze is one of 29 cities across Poland that have successfully used these funds, comments the mayor of Zabrze, Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik. – I would like to thank all officials and employees of municipal companies and units involved in this process, as well as PLAST-BUD. Let’s work together to ensure that our beautiful park serves us as long as possible.

Three recreation areas have been created in the Metallurgical Park – one of them is equipped with table games – a foosball table, chess tables and Ludo tables. Certainly, after this extensive revitalization, Metallurgical Park will now be a great place to spend free time for entire families.

The revitalization of the Metallurgical Park, carried out thanks to Norwegian funds obtained by the City of Zabrze, was aimed at restoring its former splendor and adapting it to the needs of modern users. The total value of the investment is over PLN 9 million.

The „City as Development Space” project, under which this revitalization was carried out, is financed from the „Local Development” program and co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and the State Budget.

City parks are extremely important spaces in every city. They are not only a place of rest and recreation for residents, but also influence the microclimate, air quality and aesthetics of the city. It is also an important space where residents meet and integrate. Modern playgrounds and outdoor gyms help build social bonds and create a local community.

– The Metallurgical Park is another place that we have restored to its former glory – comments the mayor of Zabrze, Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik. – Thanks to conversations with residents, I know how important and desirable investments in recreational infrastructure and green areas are. Therefore, as part of the park modernization project, we implemented: a playground and a water playground, a volleyball court, a multi-purpose sports field, an outdoor gym, barbecue areas and a skate park. In addition, with our four-legged friends in mind, we have prepared a dog park. „Neptune’s Spring” in the northern part of the park has also been restored. The task was completed using Norwegian funds obtained by us.