The Silesian Oldboy team of the Silesian Football Association defeated the journalists’ team at Arena Zabrze


In the match Silesian Oldboys vs. Journalists, which took place last Saturday on the Arena Zabrze pitch, the representatives of the Silesian Football Association turned out to be undefeated. The game ended with the score 8-0, thus coach Jacek Góralczyk’s team confirmed that they are still in good shape. Let us remind you that last year the team won the title of Polish Oldboys +42 Champion. The meeting on the pitch took place as part of the „City Space of Development” project.

There was no shortage of sports emotions, impressive actions and goal opportunities.

– The truth is that we enjoyed sunny weather when we went to the match – said Tomasz Zubilewicz after the match. – It started raining, but we kept going. The storm passed and we played. There was a hail of… goals, and we were enjoying playing football and focusing on joyful football. To sum up the result, we have a lot of thoughts and we are very enriched, and seriously speaking, we were very pleased that we could play at the famous Górnik stadium with famous Polish and Silesian football stars. It is true that our team includes fans of many clubs, but this match in a city where extraordinary things happen every day confirmed that Zabrze brings people together and we can only applaud it.

After the meeting, the journalists’ representation presented a symbolic check for PLN 1,000 to the „Our school, our home” association operating at the Special Primary School No. 40 in Zabrze-Biskupice. The organization also received a ball signed by all players. The aim of the association is to create the best possible conditions for comprehensive development, care and education of children and young people with physical and intellectual disabilities and at risk of social exclusion from Special Primary School No. 40 and the Biskupice district and to act on behalf of their families.

Polish Journalists’ Representation vs. Oldboys’ Representation of the Silesian Football Association 0:8 (0:5)
0:1 – Sikora, 11’; 0:2 – Kmietowicz, 17’, 0:3 – Wróbel, 26’; 0:4 – Jeleń, 27’; 0:5 – Kołodziej, 30’, 0:6 – Jeleń, 48’; 0:7 – Sikora, 52’; 0:8 – Pach, 53’.
Referees: Kamil Fryzel, Marcin Płoskonka and Przemysław Kwaśniewski (Sub-District Zabrze)./.,

DZIENNIKARZE: Mateusz Prus (Witold Fedorczuk) – Mariusz Walkiewicz, Marek Żelichowski, Michał Kocięba, Tomasz Zubilewicz – Antoni Partum, Marcin Papierz, Marcin Pawłowski, Patryk Bieńkowski – Mariusz Śrutwa, Jan Błoński oraz Daniel Olkowicz, Robert Błoński, Andrzej Kacprzak.

OLDBOJE: Adam Stokowy (Rafał Kubicz) – Janusz Bodzioch, Piotr Polczak, Marcin Polarz – Dariusz Kołodziej, Ryszard Czerwiec, Adam Kryger, Sławomir Pach, Bogdan Pikuta – Adrian Sikora, Ireneusz Jeleń oraz Krzysztof Kmietowicz, Adam Góździcki, Stanisław Wróbel, Sylwester Kryger, Mirosław Madeja. Trener Jacek GÓRALCZYK.