Water playground will be built in the Park Hutniczy (Metallurgical Park). Tender announcement


On the 6 March a contract notice was published in the procedure for the implementation of the task entitled „Creating open and accessible urban spaces in the Park Hutniczy (Metallurgical Park) in Zabrze” as part of “The City as Space for Development” project financed from the „Local Development” program co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021 and the State Budget.

The opening of bids is scheduled for the 29th March.

A comprehensive revitalization of the Park Hutniczy (Metallurgical Park) is the subject of the contract, including among others:

  • construction of recreational-and-play facilities: water playground, skate park, playground for children, outdoor gym, dog run and equipping them with recreational-and-play equipment and surface;
  • construction of a sanitary-and-social building with infrastructure;
  • assembly of small architecture objects: pergolas, benches, seats, deckchairs, dustbins, segregation bins, bird and insect boxes, information boards, bicycle racks, barbecue areas (tables, benches, concrete grills);
  • disassembly of existing asphalt and concrete surfaces and components;
  • making the new paths, squares and hardenings;
  • making the lighting installation in the park;
  • making the internal installations in the field: water supply, energy installation, sanitary sewage system, technological sewage system for the water playground;
  • making the internal installations in the building: water and sewage system, central heating (heat pump), electrical and low-current installation (photovoltaics, monitoring, power supply for the heat pump and swimming pool technology), mechanical ventilation;
  • construction of a water supply and sewage network for recreational facilities;
  • reconstruction of the existing water supply network and disassembly of its part colliding with the planned water playground;
  • making a replica of Neptune’s drinking trough with the necessary connections;
  • clearing the green area of garbage, roots, broken branches, grubbing up colliding self-seeders (not requiring a logging permit) and tree stumps;
  • levelling, cleaning and reclamation of the existing natural lawn surface and places after liquidated hardening with soil preparation for new plantings;
  • planting trees, bushes, accompanying plants and sowing with grass;
  • replanting two young trees;
  • completing the existing concrete fence with the installation of two gates;
  • performing the construction works covered by the project documentation, along with the delivery and assembly of devices and equipment necessary for the functioning of the designed facilities.