Training courses for those who want to create startups. Opening the bids.

On the 10th February the bids were opened in the another tender announced as part of the “City as Space for Development” Project for conducting training courses for people willing to build/develop startup projects within the Startup Training, Digital and Medical Technologies Centre. The project is funded from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The purpose of the Project is to train and prepare the participants to build and develop the startup projects including the opportunity to extend their training after program ends by means of playing the video recordings of the training materials uploaded on the Internet.

The Project will include two training groups, 16 persons each, the participants whereof are planning to open a startup business or are at an early stage of startup activity. The training is addressed to people registered as inhabitants, dwelling, studying in Zabrze and to those who work or run a business in our city. The people studying in Zabrze will also be able to benefit from free of charge training courses that will be conducted in our city.

The training courses that will take place at weekends will included a wide spectrum of topics related to creating and then developing and scaling a startup. The participants will learn, without limitation, on the method of searching for startup ideas, how to design a product or service, how to analyze the market and competitors, how to prepare a business plan, how to conduct marketing actions, where to look for funding for an idea and expansion and how to present their startups or ideas for winning investors.

Furthermore, the participants will be monitored and provided with individual consultations by people with rich business experience who will watch and assist at their startup ideas.

For those who will fail to be qualified for full-time training courses, the project anticipates building of a dedicated website with interactive course in the form of videos on the complex topics in the scope of preparing and conducting a startup business.

Each training course will end with a DemoDay for the participants, where they will present their own ideas to the potential investors.

The bids are being checked by the tender commission at present. The anticipated term of signing the contract with the contractor is March, 2023.