The conference summarizing the „City as Space for Development” project is behind us

Participants of the conference held last Friday in the restored Stained Glass Hall of the Coal Mining Museum at 3 Maja Str. talked about projects implemented in our city thanks to the support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. Let us remind you that thanks to funds from the so-called Norwegian funds have built two brine graduation towers in our city, construction work has been carried out at the Civil Registry Office in Zabrze, the revitalization of the Metallurgical Park is underway, the Start-up Training Center is operating, and educational, integration, animation and ecological projects are being carried out.

Friday’s conference was divided into three thematic blocks – „Development”, „Space” and „Smart-City- eParticipation”. The event was attended by representatives of the Zabrze local government, including: the mayor of Zabrze Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik, the deputy mayor of the city of Zabrze Katarzyna Dzióba, the secretary of the city of Zabrze Małgorzata Giela, the chairwoman of the Zabrze city council Łucja Chrzęstek-Bar together with councilors, representing the Silesian University of Technology Professor, habilitated doctor, PhD. Aleksandra Kuzior – deputy dean of the Faculty of Organization and Management of the Silesian University of Technology, Janusz Szewczuk – strategic advisor from the Association of Polish Cities, as well as heads of departments of the Zabrze municipality involved in the implementation of projects financed from Norwegian funds, representatives of Zabrze entrepreneurs, seniors and councilors of the Youth Council of the City of Zabrze.

During the first of the discussion panels entitled „Development” various thematic projects related to active social attitudes, integration and local identity were presented. The panelists in this block were: Dr. Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik – mayor of Zabrze, Professor AS Aleksander Ostenda, PhD – rector of the Academy of Silesia, Marzena Kliś – project coordinator of the Children and Youth Academy, Magdalena Aksamitowska-Kobos – director of the Family Development Center in Zabrze, Agnieszka Duda – head of the Ecology Department of the Municipal Office in Zabrze and Marek Dziubek – representative of the Youth Council of the City of Zabrze.


Participants of the second thematic block entitled „Space” talked about the activities undertaken for the complex accessibility and understanding of the people with disabilities in public space. This time the participants could listen to the opinions of: Professor at the Silesian University of Technology, habilitated doctor, PhD. Aleksandra Kuzior – vice-dean of the Faculty of Organization and Management of the Silesian University of Technology, Grażyna Szczepańska-Wabnic – head of the Project Implementation Department of the Municipal Office in Zabrze, Katarzyna Rejniak – deputy head of the Development and Investment Department of the Municipal Office in Konin, Helena Budzanowska – chairwoman of the District Social Council for Disabled People to the Mayor of Zabrze, Krzysztof Kiepura – motivator, announcer, radio presenter, creative director at FOR EDU and Remigiusz Haber – representative of the Youth Council of the City of Zabrze.

During the block “Smart-City – eParticipation” participants focused on the importance of institutional development and implemented e-solutions in the provision of professional services for residents and entrepreneurs. The panelists included: Małgorzata Giela – secretary of the City of Zabrze, Adam Konka – president of the Silesian Park of Medical Technologies Kardio-Med Silesia, representative of the Department of IT and Information Society Development of the City Hall in Zabrze, Janusz Dramski – 1st Vice-President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, Dominka Dąbrowska, Damian Cieślar – representatives of the Economic Council to the President of the City of Zabrze and Maja Łepkowska – representative of the Youth Council of the City of Zabrze.

During the conference, there was a ceremonial opening of a photographic exhibition documenting the tasks completed as part of the project. The author of the photos presented there is Paweł Janicki.

– Zabrze is one of 29 Polish cities that have successfully used Norwegian Funds – said the mayor of Zabrze, Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik, during the Friday conference. – This allowed, among other things, for: construction of graduation towers in Maciejów and Kończyce, creation of a water playground in the city center, revitalization of the Metallurgical Park, construction of a skate park, organization of training for young entrepreneurs, free summer camps for children and many other valuable events, meetings and social projects. The program was very difficult, but it was worth taking up the challenge. I would like to thank all officials and employees of municipal companies and units who participated in the process of obtaining, using and settling the Norwegian Funds – added the mayor of Zabrze.

The „City as Development Space” project is financed by the „Local Development” program, co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and the State Budget.

In our city, it is carried out in partnership with the Silesian University of Technology and the Silesian Academy and in cooperation with advisors from the Association of Polish Cities. It is worth noting that 212 cities applied for the Norwegian Funds. After thorough verification, 29 of the best applications were accepted. The project included a number of activities indicated by residents in such areas as: environment, society, entrepreneurship, space and its accessibility for various groups of residents.

The project will be implemented until April 30, 2024.

The total maximum eligible costs in the project are: PLN 15,328,498.86.

Co-funding: EUR 3,371,346.00.