Use the eBOK platform and conveniently handle official matters online


Do you want to pay your tax electronically or vote in the civic budget? Use the eBOK platform (Electronic Customer Service Office), thanks to which you can, among others: check your tax liabilities or make electronic payments – without leaving your home! Click and check:

Every taxpayer who pays, among others: real estate tax, forest tax or agricultural tax has the opportunity to open an account on the eBOK platform, where information on the amount of a given tax is published. One of the main functionalities of the platform is the ability to make electronic payments for accrued taxes. It is possible to pay one or more tax instalments in accordance with the issued decision. Additionally, the user has access to a five-year history of payments made, regardless of how they were made.

Currently, the user can make electronic payments for:

  • real estate tax,
  • forest tax,
  • agricultural tax,
  • tax on means of transport,
  • fees for municipal waste management,
  • fees for perpetual usufruct (of the municipality and the State Treasury).

You can create an account on the platform in two ways – by registering profile data or via the National Node (including the Trusted Profile).

We encourage you to read the platform Regulations and the User Manual available on the eBOK website. The platform is available for computers and mobile devices.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Department of Computer Science and Information Society Development by phone (32) 273 96 26 or by e-mail

The eBOK platform was created as part of the project entitled „Digital City Services for Entrepreneurs – CUMP” co-financed under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program for the priority axis: II. Effective public policies for the labour market, economy and education for Measure 2.18 High-quality administrative services and as part of the City as Space for Development project co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.