Break in the operation of brine graduation towers

As the days get shorter and colder, the season for using brine graduation towers in our city came to an end. These two recreational places, in Kończyce and Maciejów, which were opened to residents this year, have been closed for the autumn and winter period. However, you will be able to benefit from the effects of „seaside” inhalation without leaving the city again in spring next year.

It is worth recalling that the construction of both sites was financed in 85% by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 – the „City as Space for Development” project.

Brine graduation towers were built in two districts of Zabrze. In Kończyce it was built on the premises of the District Cultural Center at Dorotki St., and in Maciejów – in the area of Orlik pitch at Kondratowicz St. During the season the facilities are open to all interested people. The graduation tower is a place where you can meet, relax, but also take care of your health by inhaling the healing brine. The wooden structure with blackthorn branches with brine flowing down it is also a response to the needs of a society that takes its health more and more seriously. The iodine contained in the breeze helps, among others, proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Inhalations used in healthy people increase the body’s immunity. We invite you next season!