The Startup Training Centre has been launched

The first two groups of innovators started classes at the Startup Training Centre in Zabrze. Classes are held on weekends and will last until early March 2024. They will end with presentations during DemoDay organized with the participation of jurors and investors.

The aim of this project is to prepare participants for systemic design of startups (young technology companies) in various areas through which innovative products and services can be introduced to the market. Thanks to the knowledge, skills acquired and attitudes trained during the course, participants will acquire competences to build business models for ideas originating from the world of business, medicine, digital economy and others. Thanks to startups, it is possible, among others, to commercialize scientific and development research, as well as inventions.

Training staff to create companies and jobs based on knowledge and technology is a part of the economic development direction of Zabrze, consistently implemented in the city as part of the process of transforming the city and the post-mining region towards a modern economy.

Stationary training classes for 32 people are held as part of the „Startup, Digital and Medical Technologies Training Centre” project, which is part of the Zabrze as Space for Development program. The program was prepared by the City of Zabrze, successfully obtaining financing from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State Budget. The CSS project is being implemented by a contractor selected by the City of Zabrze, the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice.